Can we just let Dad drive?

Russell Brand

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I used to laugh off the extremists. Those on the fringe left who discourage offensive language, encourage patience with repressive Islamists, and promote a US conspiracy as the cause for the Muslims fighting each other .

I used to laugh off the birthers who criticized everything Obama did, as if he was any less authoritarian than George W. Bush. I used to dismiss those who thought the country was going socialist, while they ignored the fact that we all have our social security cards and the government was subsidizing big industries, from agriculture to oil to our banking system.

Then I really laughed at those who reacted to these dramatists on the fringe. The reactionaries on twitter and youtube who amplified and contested every emotional outburst  from social justice warrior and libertarian alike, whether the post deserved attention or not.

The 24 hours news cycle that needed to be filled by CNN and FOX and other big media networks was no longer.  You and me, our posts, podcasts, and tweets, were filling it now, with our feelings saturating the digital space.

And so now I wonder who out there doesn’t have a camp. Is there anyone left who won’t outright dismiss a statement coming from “the other side”? Have we become so emotionally charged, so easily led, that we cannot be allowed to have meaningful influence of government?

I was most sympathetic to libertarianism, because I think that large institutions are prone to soul-crushing and domineering, whether the institution is governmental or corporate. I put more trust in people. I value people’s freedom, not the institution’s. I believed the best change, the most meaningful change, came from the bottom up, not the top down.

I wanted to empower the people. But not so much anymore.

I wonder if it’s better to accept the liberal elitism which favors disempowering the population, in order to keep us from hurting ourselves.

“Son, I know you’re 18 years old, but let me have the keys. I’ll drive you wherever you need. It’s easier and safer for everyone.”

Maybe we do need a paternal government which limits our options and controls our economy, our paychecks, and our lifestyles.

Because from what I see, so many of us are thinking with our heart, or from our gut, but we’re not thinking about issues with our minds.

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The best antidepressant on the market..for free


The time when we feel mentally drained is exactly the time we’re in need of the endorphins from a workout.

Best drug in the world. No laboratory required.

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How to cook broken rice


broken rice

I just bought some of this strangely named stuff from the Asian market, and with no instructions on the water to rice ratio to use, I went to the internet. Specifically, I went to google, and the top website hits for “broken rice water ratio” indicated to use almost equal water to rice. Some suggested more water than rice. I’m here to set the record straight, after doing some experimentation.

If you like gummy rice, then use equal water to rice. If you like gelatin rice, use more water than rice. If, like most of us who are well-adjusted grownups who still have their teeth,  you will want your rice fluffy and with texture, so then use 3/4 cup of water to 1 cup of broken rice. (This is after soaking and rinsing the rice, of course. I do about 30 minutes soak)

Broken rice is named as such because it’s in pieces. Or that it was raised improperly, perhaps with the father missing, or maybe he was there, but he drank too much. Anyway,  broken rice is on the lower end of the price range of rices, but you can find larger volumes of less-broken rice for as cheap as the broken, and maybe without daddy issues or severe shyness that drives it to pornography and video games.

Hopefully this will serve as a useful resource to the next newbie to broken rice who goes to the internet to search for water to rice ratios. And unlike me, they will find this website before getting lost in the mishmash of ignorant posts up there now.

[I recommend this rice, by the way, despite its low-quality rep. It’s granular, like couscous, and tasty with stews and liquid-based dishes]

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The best way to make money work for you


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Money influences government. But really, it influences almost everything. Because we like money.

Most everyone’s actions are fundamentally driven by it. Moneyed elite? They are elite because we like their money. Not because they’re elite by some inherent power from the money itself. Our reaction to money gives them their power.

It’s never been about us versus them, or them versus us. The class-warfare argument that divides us never seems to go away, because our love for money hasn’t gone away. But it’s never been about money.  It’s about how we value money.

It’s always been about us. All of us, as a human society.

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How to get the most of your Amazon shopping cart

Amazon prime

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I get this warm, invigorating feeling when I click into my amazon cart. There’s stuff in there that makes me happy. It’s like a hit of some powerful drug that makes me feel satisfied. I am helpless in my mindset as a consumer, but sometimes I don’t consume anything. I just leave that stuff in the cart, and get high on that feeling every time I login. I feel rich, but I don’t have anything. Yes, I am weird.

I also feel rich when I go to the public library and get a bunch of books, and then at home, I think, Look at that, I have my own library!

But it doesn’t make me feel rich because my monetary situation prevents me from buying tons of books.

It makes me feel rich because I have access to all this knowledge and art and wisdom from human beings across the globe, across the span of human history:  The public library and its computers and internets, open to anyone and everyone.

I think we’re all rich, especially in a place like America. All this power to cultivate, at our fingertips, if we want to.

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The day you actually changed


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“Everyone is crippled in some area, and everyone is somewhere on the path of evolution, some ahead of us and some behind. In the steps we have walked are the old lessons of life, and before us are new teachings.

There is nothing to feel guilty about and nothing to blame. There is no one to hate, but there is that which is better avoided, and such blind alleys will become increasingly apparent.”

The day you awaken is when you see the blind alleys you turn into.

The day you actually change is the day you know you are not that person anymore.

Quote credit: Dr. David Hawkins

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