How college failed me


Do our schools and colleges teach peace, or do they teach divisiveness?

Do they teach personal empowerment, or do they teach victimhood and giving your power away?

Do they teach strength, or do they teach using others for personal satisfaction?

Do they teach helping others, or do they teach cutting others down?

Do they teach discussion, or do they teach protest?

Do they teach peace?…
or do they teach discontent?


You don’t care about me


NPR reported on The golden age of grievance. It’s never been a better time to complain about how bad things are for you.

Even Asian-Americans (61%) reported they had felt discriminated against, and yet they are the highest earning demographic in the US, ahead of even the whites.

We are truly a grieving nation…This may come from disconnection from our neighbors and a lack of community and empathy with our fellow human beings.

The internet is creating more communication between us, and yet our separation continues.

Take some time off from the matrix of the internet world today, and smile at someone and say Hi, instead of looking down at your phone. Maybe if each of us does this, there won’t be so many people feeling unappreciated?

She said, “Why don’t you have a house?”

tiny home

There is no place that I have to reach.

There is no pinnacle of success. Because there will always be another peak, bigger and better, than the last.

There is no destination, besides death.

Until then, there are only transient states of learning a little more, and then a little more, and then a little more, each time becoming a little less ignorant.

There is no happy ending.

So it is important to be happy right now.

Because the journey is all that I’ve got.