The most unfashionable way to wear your socks


I couldn’t find the other gray sock in the drawer. I shrugged inwardly and laid the lonely mate on the dresser and rummaged around again. I found the solid black dress sock, then looked for its partner, but couldn’t find that one either. I tossed it up to join the other loner. Then I saw the dark blue dress sock and rummaged hopefully, flipping the same socks, happily coupled or lost in single life, but finding no match again. Inpatient and annoyed, I threw this third unclaimed sock with the other two, and then stared in irritation at the motley crew, lying there motionless and mocking. And then I saw my panel-patterned black dress sock…I grabbed it and looked through the bunch quickly, knowing its twin would surely be there. I rooted to the bottom, fingers tapping on the wood, then sent the socks tumbling around again. Disgusted, I stepped away and found some socks that were good enough lying near my shoes and put them on.

How much time did I spend over my socks? More than a couple minutes. Not too long, but for good reason. Since we are impressionable, so the fashion industry tries to keep us looking good. Not falling into a rut of wearing jeans and t-shirts which blends you into the crowd and then people don’t give you a second look. And of course, looking good makes you feel good.

But that time creating an outfit has a cost. Besides the time in front of your closet and the price you paid for the clothes, there’s a larger cost. An opportunity cost: What else could I’ve been doing?

Time is our most valuable commodity. A commodity is something that is in plenty. But new research indicates that time may not be in plenty.

In fact, science has found that the mortality rate for life is 100%

That means everything that is living will certainly die. It will no longer exist. Scary, but this is the conclusion of science.

So how else could you be spending your time? Depends on who needs you. And there is certainly someone out there who needs you. However it is that you present value, you’re not doing it while you’re piecing together your pretty self. Well, unless your value comes from looking pretty.

For most of us, our fundamental value comes from simply being there, and giving attention to someone. Giving your ear. Giving your help. Because someone needs your help. Probably many more than one, actually.

And they’re not worried about your socks.

I’ve never lost an argument since then.

calvin arguing

Wait a minute, without reaction, and the emotion passes, and you realize it wasn’t you, and it wasn’t them, but just a fleeting thing that is not you or them, just a signpost that comes up to point you one way or the other, not to dwell on, not to exaggerate, but acknowledge and move on.

The best way to reach your goal


As you make a beeline towards your goal, watch the periphery for opportunities that may help you skip steps to that goal, or take you off to another goal that is even greater than the one you had in mind before.

There is no real path. Just an infinite number of possible points of opportunity connected together by a web of potential paths.

Failure in one leg of your journey is far from ending your journey.