The right temperament

“What are you doing?” she called down from the window of the house.

He stepped back from the bee hive he had set up. “I got us bees,” he said.

She disappeared from the window, and returned with a rock in her hand. She dropped it on the bee hive and they started to buzz angrily.

“What are you doing?!” he said, panicked.

“I don’t think having bees is a good idea,” she answered, and dropped a second rock on the hive.

Bees rushed out of the hive.  He ran, the swarm following him. “Why?” he yelled.

She shrugged, “They don’t have the right temperament.”


Not perfect, but every time better


I look forward to this change every year.

It makes life interesting…dynamic, to see how things develop, a natural cycle of growth and death. So that we can renew ourselves and evolve and progress. Cleaning out the unnecessary, the dead bits of the mistakes from our past.

Every time better than our last season.



Jung says

Carl Jung

We are instinct-driven animals with greed, lust, love, and hate.

But we are clever, to our credit.   And to our demise.

The awareness of these impulses determines how much control we have over this turmoil which rages within. And it will determine what kind of person manifests in reality.

And the kind of society we become.