The best way to spend your time


Time. It’s what I spend every day like I’ve got nothing to lose.

Been ejected at celestial heights from that plane of birth, a babe without a parachute, just like all of us. Slowly falling, or maybe quickly, depending on how much stuff you’re entertaining in your head.

The ground looks so distant, but certain to meet us when the time comes.

So what’s the best way to spend your time?

How would I know?
You’ve got to figure that out yourself.

Federal court rules that the USDA violated federal law by withholding documents and hiding financial conflicts of interest

USDA cheese

You might be thinking, “Of course government advisors are influenced by money, because that’s our culture“.

But regardless, this should make you rethink the importance of conventional ideology, the belief about what constitutes a natural healthy human diet. Animal flesh and dairy….are they really necessary? Or do they just taste good?

Question “common sense”, because common sense changes as our knowledge base changes.


Google’s good intentions

Google NSA

Use other search engines besides Google. Bing, yahoo, whatever.

Why should we do this?
Because google is concentrating more and more power, in a profoundly life-impacting way. They are building a monopoly over information collection and control. I’m not talking conspiracy to take over the world. I’m just saying, spread the power around. Even the most well-intention individuals and organizations will abuse their power at some point if there is no check over them.