My treatise on religion (in 100 words)

American freedom and religion

There’s a GREAT lesson from the evil deeds done by ISIS (and by the Islamic Saudi Arabian government’s beheadings), a lesson which everyone can agree on, both Christians AND Muslims:

Following religious doctrine in its entirety goes against modern moral codes, which honor everyone’s freedom to live their life as they see fit without harming others, at least in the progressive nations of the world.

Regardless of the fact that a doctrine DOES have good parts which encourage kindness, the parts which encourage hate and judgment and killing are part of the doctrine as well, and these parts throw the whole text into question.

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How to become more powerful than 99% of the population starting today


“Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all.

It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair.

It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll.

But to reach maximum power, such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with some expectation of some selfish reward.”

-David Hawkins

And in order to provide meaningful kindness, you’ve got to have something meaningful to give.

Time to stop shaming the slutty police-woman. And nun. And nurse. And…


We saw them begin to invade the Halloween party not too many years ago. They marched in with the liberalizing of our fashion culture. Around the time when skin-tight leggings began to be accepted as normal going out attire for the female population. And the females responded, just waiting to unleash their racy, sexual cheekiness (pun intended).


So we watched in awe, wondering how such small patches of costume could constitute a uniform for a police office, or nurse, or even for anyone regardless of their trade who is leaving the house, unless they’re going to a fashion show. Or porn shoot.

I judged it for what it was: a superficial fad. I appreciated seeing the beautiful female form, of course. But seeing it handed down from the fashion authorities, willingly followed by the female population was amusing.

But after so many years, I think it’s time to re-characterize this as more than a fad. And something to be welcomed.

These slutty fire-fighters (who really need to be wearing more protection) they are a lesson…a lesson in letting people be, and being happy with yourself. Because ladies, if you’re hating on the fitness of that ample-bosomed police-woman with the aviators, then you may be hating on yourself. Because what is she doing to you? Nothing.

And what if the hate may be based on what she’s doing for the female image? The objectification, you may think.

I say, Nay.

She is in fact doing the contrary. She is liberated with her body and her sexuality. So she is a lesson, an inspiration to you. She is a sister in arms. And legs. And lovely mouth. And all the rest.

Could these costumes be more original, and more fabric-based? Of course.

Maybe try going for She-ra next time.


Or Wonder Woman.

wonder woman

Or Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian

In the end, Halloween is like Mardi Gras…it’s a masquerade party…where you go out to have fun. And being sexual is part of that.

So send the hate home, and bring your good vibes… and prophylactics.

The passive ironic attitude is not cool or romantic


“First you must see your attempt at gaining mastery as something extremely necessary and positive.The world is teeming with problems, many of them of our own creation. To solve them will require a tremendous amount of effort and creativity. Relying on genetics, technology, magic, or being nice and natural will not save us.

We require the energy not only to address practical matters, but also to forge new institutions and orders that fit our changed circumstances. We must create our own world, or die from inaction.

We need to find our way back to the concept of mastery that defined us as a species so many millions of years ago. This is not mastery for the purpose of dominating nature or other people, but for determining our fate.

The passive ironic attitude is not cool or romantic, but pathetic and destructive.

You are setting an example of what can be achieved as a Master in the modern world. You are contributing to the most important cause of all- the survival and prosperity of the human race in a time of stagnation.”

-Robert Greene

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How google saved me from red urine

toilet usage

I looked down with alarm: My urine had a distinct red hue, as had my solids. I anxiously started rationalizing it, running through scenarios and thought, “That’s not red. It’s more of rusty brown.”

Then I panicked, and then ran to my Lord, Google, and I sat before Him, and searched for the Answer, and typed, “Red urine” and POP it came up: “red urine from beets” which I clicked and read, and then read some more, and then a wave of relief washed over me as I realized that my recent beet eating had made my outflow look like my insides were hemorrhaging.

So take this dark tale of mine and remember it next time you may be crossing paths with the innocuous red invasiveness of the beet.

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The best way to get to YOUR peace of mind


“Whereas ordinary information is ‘acquired’ by effort, in spiritual endeavor the emphasis is on relinquishing, letting go, and surrendering. The ‘work’ involves identifying positionalities and then transcending the ego’s resistances and relinquishing its illusory control or sovereignty.

Thus, the core of spiritual work is aligned with undoing and the unloading of the mind rather than its enrichment.”

The best way to get your peace of mind is not to get anything, that is the irony.

It is to let go of all the gotten you’ve been holding onto.

How you can best influence your government this election

Money in politics is like the issue of banning guns: It’s more theoretical than realistic, unless you can absolutely eliminate both. How to stop money from flowing around all the regulations into a candidate’s account? How to pull over 300 million guns from their current owners in America? It’s impractical, and it’s a distraction. It’s a distraction from the fact that we have the freedom (which we’ve largely refused to exercise) to vote for candidates who don’t receive immense campaign contributions, candidates who are outside of the two party system. If we are willing to give up the right to donate money to whoever we want,  because the regular American is seen as too ignorant and dumb to vote more mindfully and go outside of the two party system…Then this is a deplorable notion and we don’t deserve to have the freedom to vote or to own firearms. This is an issue that does not empower the individual, but in fact disempowers them. Specifically, it takes their power to spend their money how they see fit, and it takes the power of the individual to think for themselves and to vote for the BEST CANDIDATE. Instead, it solidifies an already cemented foundation of the “Two party” Party, holding us hostage through fear of throwing votes away.

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The number one housekeeping tip for the busy homeowner

UA mansion

You know why they call them household chores?

Because they are a CHORE to do. Unless you like them. Or you have enough money to hire a housekeeper and gardener and renovators…in which case, Why haven’t you invited me over so I can enjoy your house?!

Oh, and the number one tip for busy homeowners pressed for time?

It is easy. But hard to do.

Sell your house.

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Less observation.

More participation.

12AM. Downtown Los Angeles.


Cross traffic was stopped as he rolled up to the intersection. The beast was purring, belying the 620 hp turbo charged engine. It wanted to be released, and so did the driver who looked expectantly at the two officers who sat on their motorcycles. They checked with each other and then waved his Porsche GT2RS onto the main road, two more officers standing ahead and to the left, their motorcycles flashing blue and white lights, blocking the way of other cars. They allowed this car dominance, this creation of art and physics. This car, one of only 500 built, now owned the dark, twilight covered roads of downtown LA.

Its driver turned onto the straightaway they had cleared and quickly shifted through the gears, the car’s refined growl did not waver, but moved elegantly up and up, eating the open pavement of the city. It came to an intersection, downshifting into a screeching drift, deliberately leaving rubber onto another cleared road. The city, at least this section, was now his playground, negotiated by the producers of Top Gear and the authorities of one of the most wild municipalities in the United States. The police stood aside, if only for a short time, for this man-made beauty of form and function.

What a great episode.