How to cook broken rice


broken rice

I just bought some of this strangely named stuff from the Asian market, and with no instructions on the water to rice ratio to use, I went to the internet. Specifically, I went to google, and the top website hits for “broken rice water ratio” indicated to use almost equal water to rice. Some suggested more water than rice. I’m here to set the record straight, after doing some experimentation.

If you like gummy rice, then use equal water to rice. If you like gelatin rice, use more water than rice. If, like most of us who are well-adjusted grownups who still have their teeth,  you will want your rice fluffy and with texture, so then use 3/4 cup of water to 1 cup of broken rice. (This is after soaking and rinsing the rice, of course. I do about 30 minutes soak)

Broken rice is named as such because it’s in pieces. Or that it was raised improperly, perhaps with the father missing, or maybe he was there, but he drank too much. Anyway,  broken rice is on the lower end of the price range of rices, but you can find larger volumes of less-broken rice for as cheap as the broken, and maybe without daddy issues or severe shyness that drives it to pornography and video games.

Hopefully this will serve as a useful resource to the next newbie to broken rice who goes to the internet to search for water to rice ratios. And unlike me, they will find this website before getting lost in the mishmash of ignorant posts up there now.

[I recommend this rice, by the way, despite its low-quality rep. It’s granular, like couscous, and tasty with stews and liquid-based dishes]

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