Back to school

I’ve yet to meet anyone who isn’t my teacher.

Sometimes someone inspires me.
Or angers me.
Or makes me envious.
Or makes me feel inferior…or superior.

Now I know all of my reactions come from a place that I can observe.
A place outside of reality.
But also deep within me

We don’t know

The fact is that you’re surrounded by God,

and you don’t see God

because you know ABOUT God.

The final barrier to the vision of God is your God concept.

You miss God because you think you know. 

That’s the terrible thing about religion. That’s what the gospels were saying, that religious people knew, so they got rid of Jesus.

The highest knowledge of God is to know God as unknowable.

Excerpt from Awareness, by Anthony De Mello

I win

The games of Life can get immersive. The role in the game I’m playing becomes my identity.

I am this job

I am a wife or husband

I am a Democrat or Republican

I am rich or poor

I am oppressed or oppressor.

I am winning, I am losing.

The games of Life make it interesting. The games have a structure to them and general rules to follow. They provide me valuable support and motivation. But the games are superficial.

They are constructs we create. Layers that obscure the realization:

Of the miracle of being human.