Is it corruption if everyone accepts it?


Walmart…and McDonald’s… and Tyson, Foods, can (and do) dictate the price of goods they buy because of their monopoly-like influence over their suppliers.

Similarly, large media conglomerates…including Google, YouTube, and Facebook, can (and do) dictate what is allowed to be communicated by their customers.

Orwell wasn’t especially smart (or paranoid) in predicting a future where your words and actions are monitored and controlled.  He was simply observing the consequences of human nature, seen throughout history:

Power is concentrated in large institutions, whether they are large corporate institutions or large government institutions.  And after time, that power is abused.

The questions is: Why do we elect government leaders who continue to allow these large corporate institutions to disrupt our economy?

Why allow such influence on our businesses, our speech…over our very livelihood?


I generalize only with good intentions.

Eckhart it's not personal

When my group gets criticized, I feel criticized…because my identity is a group identity more than from an individual sense of self.

Why so much about labels? Life is more complicated than generalizing people based on their group.

Or are we simply mindless units in a judgmental mob?