I’m mad

Some of us are happy being unhappy
Our default is discomfort and worry.
Solutions are temporary
Because there’s always something else to be unhappy about.

But the ideal state never comes
Unless we find it inside ourselves.
And even then, it comes and goes.

Managing your own suffering
That’s hard enough
Without taking on the world’s suffering.

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The message, for men only

Han Solo…the independent-minded male, going his own way:  Shameless, risk-taking, action-oriented. A strong masculine identity. Where did he get this personality?

As an orphan, he had no nurturing family. But he developed toughness from the pirates who raised him to be self-reliant…by stealing from others.  

When Han grew up, he realized there was a better way. He became a businessman, but it was an anti-authority life, as a smuggler. Han didn’t have the feminine influence in his upbringing to play by the rules and cooperate. But this served him well in the rebellion when the evil Empire and their authoritarian rules took over.

Han was solo at first (pun intended). No lasting loyalty to any group, taking things from others. He didn’t recognize his place in the greater community. Having no feminine entity in his upbringing, it’s easy to see his lack of emotional connection to others.

But he finally realized his place, joining the rebellion for a greater cause. He’d built his skills as a pilot and problem-solver, and the time had come for him to step into his responsibility as a man: To sacrifice for the greater good, by becoming a protector, helping those who were having their resources taken and way of life violated by the Empire.

Han is a good model for the maturing of a male. Alone we can find our way, but as a group of men, our way is more clear. With a trusted tribe of peers and mentors, our learning is accelerated, and maybe more important, our distractions are minimized. We are taught the value of empowering others, instead of consuming, hording, and constant accumulation.

We learn that we have a brotherhood of responsibility.

We learn that we are not on our own.

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