Curiosity will save us

Continuing down the other path.
Of judgment and hate and control.
Is the wrong direction.

The country was not founded upon that.
Instead, it is based on openness.
Allowing you to be who you are
To do who you are
Without attempts to control you.
Most of the time.

Americans respect the human spirit
So much so, that they trust it
To decide and choose.
To make mistakes
And try again.

The wonder of the human spirit!
Of what it can accomplish.
America respects human potential.
so that it can create.

Curiosity will save us.
Not fear of others.
Not anger.
But love of what is

Something went wrong.

I made myself some coffee and watched the local morning news.

They had a poor reporter out in the snow, on a side street, pointing out the snow still on the road.

Flurries continue, they said, be careful out there.

So I decide not to drive to the gym.

After making some breakfast, I looked up in surprise.

They had a live video of all the highways.

And they were completely clear, traffic moving smoothly.

I was shocked.

Just a half hour ago I had felt cautious

Because of their stories on the uncleared side streets.

This is what media does: Focus on the problems.

They exaggerate them…they ruminate on them.

Hour after hour, day after day. 

They create a story. 

And in every good story, there must be conflict.

They will always find something wrong.

And after listening to them long enough

You will begin to have their same mindset

Finding wrong in everything around you.

And you won’t even know why

You became so fearful of the world.