fed intravenously by a nutrient broth

Whenever I see someone throw a cigarette out their window, I want to chase them down and make a citizen’s arrest.
Of course I don’t.
I think, Eh fuck it. I’ll be dead soon.
The children can worry about the environment when they grow up.
But they’ll be living on a space station anyway, in a pod, plugged into a nice clean virtual reality matrix, fed intravenously by a nutrient broth, so…
they’ll have that going for them.
Which sounds pretty nice.


Complaining is a red flag


The two polar fundamental principles of life:
What can I get, vs what can I give?
Lean towards one, and it defines everything I do.

Give high value stuff, and you get back high value stuff.
But give complaints and you get other losers who like complaining too.

Be #highvalue

The dog/cat ownership gap


It’s time the authorities stepped in to do something.

People are discriminating against cats.

And it needs to stop.

The statistics are plain as day: Dog ownership outpaces cat ownership 3 to 1.

(And in some places, like southeast Asia, the gap is even greater due to culinary practices)

Nevertheless, this gap must be addressed.

First and foremost, our preferences for dogs or cats are subordinate to their equal rights.

Dogs and cats are the same. They’re pets.

So, why are people choosing to own dogs over cats?

Because dogs are more energetic and focused?

Cats are too! Just in different ways. Say, if there’s a string, or a small insect nearby.

It’s time humans appreciate this aspect of cats.

Another misconception about how dogs are better: That they are more trainable and  more committed to help.

This is not something you should judge when choosing a pet. Why? Because why are you using your values and needs when we should be treating these pets EQUALLY.

Dogs and cats are not only equal, they’re the same. They’re pets. Just like when you hire someone for a job. Yes, there are small differences, in skills, commitment, or availability.  But they’re all human, aren’t they? We are all living things. And we should all be treated equally.

Stop being selfish about what YOU need, and start thinking of the less fortunate.

The sooner government gets involved to provide more opportunity for cats and to equalize our choices, the better.

luscious, effusive, sensual, sexual

Seduction is a dance, an ancient dance, a timeless dance, a dancing in the moment. That’s what it is.

Men and women dancing together as they always have, entangled for all time in joy and heartbreak and ecstasy and hope.

It is a dance of clarity, of honest communication and the intricacies of sub–communication.

It transcends age, race, everything.
It is intuition as an art form.
It is ease and delight.
It is curiosity.
It is gratitude.
It is a welcomed hint of danger.
It is unrepentant, direct, overt, audacious.
It is subtle and elegant.
It is joyous, charged, electric, rushing, magnetic, subdued, restrained, intimate, respectful.
It is the love of man for woman, the love of woman for man, the love of ourselves, and a love of life.
It is the culmination of all things good: the masculine, feminine, the divine, everything coalesced, abundant, and in perfect form.

Yes, seduction is a dance, a luscious, effusive, sensual, sexual, never ceasing, sacred dance.

Excerpt from: The Alabaster Girl