It bites me all the time

Everybody isnt gonna love you

It’s not about being happy.

It’s about finding importance in your unhappy times.

My unhappy times are when I failed…Well, not so much failures, but situations I shouldn’t haven’t been in.

Like when I dropped out of medical school

Or when I got dumped.

Or when I did the dumping because I wasn’t able to make someone happy.

And when I asked why, I started the lessons. I began to learn. I learned about myself: How I was a people-pleaser…to my parents, my partners, or my team.

I was a perfectionist, I wanted everything just right, and I applied that perfectionist pressure on others, all the while wanting to please. It was a confusing time, and it comes back to bite me for sure.

But now I know myself. And I know people.

So I can compensate for my tendencies, and for the tendencies of others. Now I have a map, so I can navigate what I want, through what others want.

And that genuine, clearly defined map of YOU, it makes all the difference.

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