Why you are restless

Where is the mind?
Not the brain.
Your mind.

Is it even your’s?
Do I own my thoughts
Or do they originate elsewhere?
Are they reactions
Traced back to my environment?

What am I feeding my mind?
Fresh uncontaminated air
Or digital exhaust?
From an anxious angry collective
Restless and desperate.

Where do you spend the most time?

Second-hand luxury watches.

The best morality to live by

Who said that you, a man, can always perceive justice?

Who said that justice is what you imagine? Can you be sure that you know it when you see it, that you will live long enough to recognize the decisive thunder of its occurrence, that it can be manifest within a generation, within ten generations, within the entire span of human existence?

What you are talking about is common sense, not justice.

Justice is higher and not as easy to understand – until it presents itself in unmistakable splendor. The design of which I speak is far above our understanding.

But we can sometimes feel its presence.

Excerpt from A Winter’s Tale.

Second-hand luxury watches.