The stream has become a river


and the river an ocean, the currents and tides more powerful than me.

“We are in the midst of a momentous event in the evolution of human consciousness, but they won’t be talking about it in the news tonight” -Eckhart Tolle

The media isn’t feeding me calm. It’s giving me excitement, constantly. So now I’m constantly treading water, head bent up, mouth barely above the water.

“Open up your mind, in pours the trash.” -Meat Puppets

The information age has empowered everyone. How to use that power determines your quality of life, and our evolution of consciousness.

Where are you directing your power?

I accepted the gender wage gap as a sexism problem…until I did some research.

Gender pay gap Fig-5_spring-2016


Recent data shows that the gender pay gap is not constant through a woman’s lifetime.

The gap stays low until 34 years of age. Why?

From Claudia Goldin, Professor of economics at Harvard University:

“Some of the best studies that we have of the gender pay gap, following individuals longitudinally, show that when they show up right out of college, or out of law school, or after they get their M.B.A. — all the studies that we have indicate that wages are pretty similar then…  

But further down the pike in their lives, by 10-15 years out, we see very large differences in their pay. But we also see large differences in where they are, in their job titles, and a lot of that occurs a year or two after a kid is born, and it occurs for women and not for men. ” (1)

If someone is out of the workforce for several years, this affects their number of years of job experience.

In addition, women work about 1 hour less than men, per day, which will lower their income in comparison to men, creating an income gap. (2, 3)

Hours worked by gender

What do you think?

Are employers using gender discrimination and causing the pay gap? Or is the gap due to choices made by each gender? Or is it both?

It’s definitely not as simple as I’d thought. And reducing this phenomenon to a one-line sound-bite is irresponsible.  I regret taking this assumption of sexism at face value, just because it was being stated by so many people, even our President. (4)

Another reminder to Think For Yourself.









My greatest failure

calvin the victim

Whenever I get bitter, I chide myself.

“What the hell do you have to feel bitter about? What great failures have you amassed in your imagination to make you mad at the travesties the world has put on you? Buck up. You’ve got at least another 40 years on this earth.”

My greatest failure is whenever I think I’m a failure.

Stay smiling.

Life will be a lot more fun, and probably successful, that way.

For what crisis in “law and order” do we need Trump’s decisive boot?


(20 seconds to read)

If anything needs addressed, it is the disconnect between law enforcement and the poor communities, particularly the poor, black communities, that they police.

We need someone to help create a climate to bring these two groups together. We need someone that will push for holding police accountable when using excessive force.

We need someone to fight against the prison-industrial complex which promotes more arrests and prison sentences. We need someone who helps create a culture that empowers the black community to aspire to something greater than “the race that cannot achieve because of society’s racism”.

Not an easy task at all…

But I don’t see Donald Trump as the man to take it on.

Do you?

The moon disappears like each of our days


I watched the moon disappear this morning.

It hung up there, cleanly outlined, a chalky white dot in a river of gray-blue sky. But I know it’s not a dot, it’s a moon and its depth was lost to me. It sat there so large, but it made me realize how small we all are, because it was not close, it was very far.

I watch it as it moves slowly across the sky. I see the black pock-marks on its surface, the size of continents. And then it’s all fading. The bright reflection is no longer bright enough and the moon is settling into the sunbath coming over the horizon from the east, its reflection slowly washed out by this light, as if it was never there.

Nature’s disappearing act, sending the moon from sight until the sun sets again. Cycling until it can’t anymore. That’s what we all do. Cycle through the days.

But today is new.

We’ve all got another day on this planet. To do whatever it is we want. How lucky are we?

We get to see miracles happen.

Embracing change…because one day, nothing is going to change, since I’ll be dead.

seasons-change (1)

Why so sad with the endings when there are new beginnings from each of them?

Out of destruction, comes resurrection.

Out of nothing comes the clarity of discovering your special stuff without distraction.

Change. Change again. Better each time. Lighter, wiser, happier. Surfing the waves, sunshine on your head, smile on your face. Oh, lost your wave. Sad face now. But there’s another wave forming. Paddle paddle paddle, and you’re up on it…Wow, this one was better than the last one!

Who knew?

Until they tried…?


Fearing fear

fear does not prevent death, it prevents life

It’s easy to try for something when you know you can’t fail.

It’s so easy, in fact, that it becomes insignificant. It becomes part of the background, a regular thing, and therefore less appreciated.

Always have something to fear, because when your fear goes away, the reason for living goes away.


Another tortured artist burned out


I just finished Scott’s book and I am sad.

I am sad that such a brilliant and creative mind suffered with drug addiction and unhappiness.

But I am in happy awe and gratitude that he was able to create the music he did and share it with the world before his overdose and death.

Sometimes cracking into the imagination comes with high costs. Or sometimes it takes  unrelenting dissatisfaction and melancholy to break into the frontiers of artistic creativity.