The moon disappears like each of our days


I watched the moon disappear this morning.

It hung up there, cleanly outlined, a chalky white dot in a river of gray-blue sky. But I know it’s not a dot, it’s a moon and its depth was lost to me. It sat there so large, but it made me realize how small we all are, because it was not close, it was very far.

I watch it as it moves slowly across the sky. I see the black pock-marks on its surface, the size of continents. And then it’s all fading. The bright reflection is no longer bright enough and the moon is settling into the sunbath coming over the horizon from the east, its reflection slowly washed out by this light, as if it was never there.

Nature’s disappearing act, sending the moon from sight until the sun sets again. Cycling until it can’t anymore. That’s what we all do. Cycle through the days.

But today is new.

We’ve all got another day on this planet. To do whatever it is we want. How lucky are we?

We get to see miracles happen.

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