He made it!

There’s a story of a disciple who told his guru that he was going to a far place to meditate and hopefully attain enlightenment.

So he sent the guru a note every six months to report the progress he was making.

The first report said, “Now I understand what it means to lose the self.”

The guru tore up the note and threw it in the trash.

After six months he got another report which said, “Now I have attained sensitivity at all beings.”

He tore it up.

Then a third report said, “Now I understand the secret of the one and the many.”

It, too, was torn up. And so it went on for years, until finally no reports came in.

After a time, the guru became curious and one day there was a traveler going to that far place.┬áThe guru said, “Why don’t you find out what happened to that fellow.”

Finally he got a note from his disciple that said, “What does it matter?”

And when the guru read that he said, “He made it!

He finally made it.”