luscious, effusive, sensual, sexual

Seduction is a dance, an ancient dance, a timeless dance, a dancing in the moment. That’s what it is.

Men and women dancing together as they always have, entangled for all time in joy and heartbreak and ecstasy and hope.

It is a dance of clarity, of honest communication and the intricacies of sub–communication.

It transcends age, race, everything.
It is intuition as an art form.
It is ease and delight.
It is curiosity.
It is gratitude.
It is a welcomed hint of danger.
It is unrepentant, direct, overt, audacious.
It is subtle and elegant.
It is joyous, charged, electric, rushing, magnetic, subdued, restrained, intimate, respectful.
It is the love of man for woman, the love of woman for man, the love of ourselves, and a love of life.
It is the culmination of all things good: the masculine, feminine, the divine, everything coalesced, abundant, and in perfect form.

Yes, seduction is a dance, a luscious, effusive, sensual, sexual, never ceasing, sacred dance.

Excerpt from: The Alabaster Girl

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