How google saved me from red urine

toilet usage

I looked down with alarm: My urine had a distinct red hue, as had my solids. I anxiously started rationalizing it, running through scenarios and thought, “That’s not red. It’s more of rusty brown.”

Then I panicked, and then ran to my Lord, Google, and I sat before Him, and searched for the Answer, and typed, “Red urine” and POP it came up: “red urine from beets” which I clicked and read, and then read some more, and then a wave of relief washed over me as I realized that my recent beet eating had made my outflow look like my insides were hemorrhaging.

So take this dark tale of mine and remember it next time you may be crossing paths with the innocuous red invasiveness of the beet.

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

Google’s good intentions

Google NSA

Use other search engines besides Google. Bing, yahoo, whatever.

Why should we do this?
Because google is concentrating more and more power, in a profoundly life-impacting way. They are building a monopoly over information collection and control. I’m not talking conspiracy to take over the world. I’m just saying, spread the power around. Even the most well-intention individuals and organizations will abuse their power at some point if there is no check over them.