How to get the most of your Amazon shopping cart

Amazon prime

(40 second read)

I get this warm, invigorating feeling when I click into my amazon cart. There’s stuff in there that makes me happy. It’s like a hit of some powerful drug that makes me feel satisfied. I am helpless in my mindset as a consumer, but sometimes I don’t consume anything. I just leave that stuff in the cart, and get high on that feeling every time I login. I feel rich, but I don’t have anything. Yes, I am weird.

I also feel rich when I go to the public library and get a bunch of books, and then at home, I think, Look at that, I have my own library!

But it doesn’t make me feel rich because my monetary situation prevents me from buying tons of books.

It makes me feel rich because I have access to all this knowledge and art and wisdom from human beings across the globe, across the span of human history:  The public library and its computers and internets, open to anyone and everyone.

I think we’re all rich, especially in a place like America. All this power to cultivate, at our fingertips, if we want to.

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