Look mom, no hands!


He’s planning to double-cross her, acting like he’s working for her, but taking money from his employer and is going to turn her over to them in the end. But then he falls in love with her.

Brilliant. It had taken me too long to get to this story premise. And that was because I had kept stopping to judge my output and pet my ego and feel satisfied with myself.

But as soon as you start thinking you’re doing a great thing, you stop doing so great.

Step out of the present, and you’ve begun losing your self. You begin losing the connection to your actions. Because you have stepped out of reality.

Stay present and in the act, not on the judging. Self-assessment can come after you’re done. Self-congratulations? Rarely.

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

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You should give me your number



“I don’t feel comfortable doing that,” she replied.

“I won’t bite,” I said.

Some people are shy, so they hide themselves away. Not literally, by staying at home, or not socializing. Actually, many go out regularly, and some even want attention…but they can’t handle it. The exposure of their vulnerabilities is too much for them, a challenge that they’re not quite ready to face. Many of them are strong in other areas and passionate about things. But not the people right in front of them. Or maybe they’re too passionate about them?

“When was your last serious relationship?” I asked.
“About a year and half ago,” she replied.
“What happened?” I asked.
“I think that’s personal,” she said.

I thought nearly a half hour conversation with me would’ve made her more comfortable. There was a silence, then she said:
“I don’t know. I always end up with effeminate, sensitive ones.”
“You need a man,” I said without hesitation.
“Maybe I’m just sabotaging myself,” she replied, resignation in her voice. After a moment, she got up from the couch, and I watched her walk off.

We all probably know, not after too long, what we’re doing wrong. In our hearts we know this. The question is, do we have the courage to change?