Fast and easy

Freedom is a bigger cage


From the institution of commerce.

Technology will help us connect.
Connect with a click
Talk via typing, safely distant
Completing our checklist
No time for the face-to-face.
The media feeds us the drama in excess.
24 hrs at attention, distracted from the betting of the bankers
and the 75% dropout rate.
Distracted by the divisive lines of abortion
Distracted by whether you’re using the right words,
or asking the right questions,
and not being offensive.
Distracted by the drama of a lone shooter.
Media gives us the discussions of
the pundits, one after the other.
So there’s no need to discuss:
They think,
So we don’t have to.
Just pick a side
Hold your sign,
and soon that sign and me are one.
Yea, I hear you.
But I’m not listening anymore.
And with our mind filled
the government institute will help with the rest,
if we can’t afford it,
they will get us the money,
just put it on my T-bond tab, or take it from the faceless rich.
We’re not really building a religion.
what ARE we building?
Membership in the congregation,
Or dependence to the corporation?
Faith in the authorities,
the lawmakers, the legislators
Hope in stocks, our future in the hands of bankers
who make us mysterious money.
When what we chose to do,
is no longer based on what we’re paid,
Then We are free.
Instead of institutional policy,
You go by your own policy.
the policy of doing the right thing
regardless of the standard.
No waiting on others.
We don’t need to fear not having,
We don’t need to fear anything.
All we need is what we’ve had all along:

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