“Too poor to vote Republican”

Too poor to vote republican

I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Too poor to vote Republican.” After laughing at the joke, I thought that it was kind of insulting to the Republicans who are poor. But then I grew serious, because this divisiveness is exactly what the Democratic party apparatus would like us to follow. Where do they get their millions of dollars to run for office? Do they cobble it together from the poor? I would guess not. Does it matter? Do they still fight for the poor? Yes, they do. But in recent years, they’ve tried to help the poor while they’ve promoted the wealthy to concentrate their wealth using a growing, unregulated banking industry…an industry that helped bring down the whole economy because of their dishonesty and greed. Of course, all of our 401k’s are with these banks, and we benefit from their dishonesty, but the question is, if we know they are dishonest, what does that make us…?

2 thoughts on ““Too poor to vote Republican”

  1. this is just a simple commentary on people voting against the economic interests….with the top 1% of the population gaining 95% of the “recovery” it’s pretty damn concerning, and disgusting. It’s talking to the poor Southern red states who vote Republican based on outdated social issues, drummed up fake fights (Bengasi) etc, etc. If you really want to get annoyed at something watch Doomsday Preppers.

  2. I recently saw another bumper sticker. It read, “Too poor to vote Republican. Too smart to vote Democrat.” It’s funny too, but I differ with it a little because as you said, it’s the 99% that is hurt economically by the govt policies, and the govt is run by two parties. I really don’t need any cynical news, but I will check out your “Doomsday” reference. 🙂

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