To be unwanted is also to be free


When I retreat, I am alone, not lonely.

But it began as loneliness, in youth, when group popularity was sought after.  It was all about me, getting into the group, being recognized as one of many.

Before maturing, I deserved everyone’s attention. I wasn’t receiving enough. The world had not seen me properly, or clearly: I was not feeling loved.

But after a time, the love was unnecessary and I realize the feeling of liberation that comes with being alone, and that lonely feeling fades away as an inner strength takes over.

I disconnect the lifeline from others, and whatever reality exists out there, I create a reality that, right or wrong, centers on me.

And when your life is your center, that is the most freeing feeling in the world.  This is where you begin to reconnect to the world, from your true, uncompromised, confident self.

Quote credit: Germaine Greer

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