Babies stay crawling

The obstacle is the way.
The way to getting better.

If a baby doesn’t risk falling, he doesn’t learn to walk.

If you don’t make mistakes during school, you don’t learn and get better.

Same thing during adulthood, but you’ve got to choose to school yourself
Instead of only identifying obstacles
I must also face them.

Evolution occurs through mistakes,
with genes, on a population level.
But it also occurs on the individual level.

My fears are fears because they are parts of my life I have difficulty with.

But every fear that I’ve addressed, from leaving school, to talking with strangers, to expressing myself to females-
they’ve all resulted in a better life.
I learned
That failures make me stronger.

More resilient.

If your baby doesn’t risk falling, it stays crawling. Which can be good enough, I guess.

But what kind of life is crawling around while there’s so much more to experience
If you try?

Dragons became princesses.
And my dungeons became sunlit courtyards.

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