They want to come here. Why?

People power

Thanks to a group of men who thought it would be a good idea to start a nation based on giving the individual more control over his or her life.

Men who had the balls to risk execution for treason against the most powerful nation in the world.

It began conservatively, when not everyone had the same rights, but these men had the wisdom to make their country’s laws amendable.

So our country changed.  We progressed, granting rights for freedom to all:

Freedom to vote, freedom for unrestricted speech, and freedom to own property.  And today, different cultures, races, and ethnic groups flock here to make a living. Because we let people live how they please.

We will pass through this current presidency, as our nation’s machinations between the three branches of government continue to function.

Because despite what we may think, our President is only one person, not the CEO of a company, not a dictator, but a representative, of one branch, who is held accountable for his actions, if not his words.

Gratitude on this July 4th

For our continued freedoms, and our ability to fight for change in a country which was made for people who are empowered by their government to do better, if they want to pursue such happiness.

Why do people come to live in this country?
Because this country still trusts the individual over the institution.

Let’s keep it that way… by voting for leaders who do not favor the corporate institution or the government institution over people.  Leaders who want to empower us, rather than empowering themselves.  Let us be as wise as we expect our leaders to be.

We may not have the wheel to the car, but we have the keys.

Let’s start acting like it.

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