she was the one who made me stop


Our little group sat under the tree, a tree which luck had granted us directly in front of our camp, its branches carrying a crowd of green up above to shade us. The beaming sun was climbing its way through the morning to its apex, and we sat talking.

Then the words slowed, and her and I found ourselves looking at each other.  I held her glance gently, and we locked in, eyes not wavering.  I felt an immediate energy manifest itself. It simmered in the air, winding up and down, like a surfer effortlessly twisting on a moving wave.

The others’ voices faded away. I saw her long dark hair, her legs, her hips… but I began to see something behind those calm, dark eyes.  Transcending the physical and connecting to what is beyond it. We were showing ourselves honestly, and in that, we had become fearless.  There was power there, and it filled me up. Her eyes refused to leave mine, and we held on to each other like this.

I felt the urge to say something… but I stopped myself.  I stayed with her instead.  I stayed present, because that was where I truly wanted to be, and that was where she needed to be.

Time slowed down and our friends continued on around us, but I had no idea doing what. Did they notice our engagement? Could they feel our energy? Irrelevant, because as we sat there a short distance from each other, it didn’t matter if there were three people around us, or one hundred.  We were having a conspiracy together.

Then she broke it, looking away without a word.  And I was left wanting more, with questions about who she really was.

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