The secret formula to losing weight

Yoga gymnastics


A new CDC report states that obesity in the US has risen from about 34 to 37% over the last two years.


So, because this is becoming a real public health issue, I am releasing my SECRET FORMULA TO WEIGHT LOSS.

I have researched and tested this over the last twenty years. And I give it to you, for free, asking only that it’s used with the full devotion that it deserves.

Step one: Eat when you’re hungry

Simple sounding, but hold up: Eat when you’re hungry in the stomach, not in the mind. Hungry like you’re in the third world. Sip it, don’t pound it down (there isn’t a competing tribe swooping in to take your food). And STOP eating BEFORE you feel full.

Doing it? How’s it going?

Not losing enough weight with this? Add step two:

Step two: Cardio Intervals

These are alternating sprint pace with normal pace, on a treadmill, an elliptical, a row machine, a bicycle, etc.

Non-interval, long duration cardio has low impact on weight loss. Intervals are where it’s at. If you doubt it, look at the physiques of soccer players. Intervals is what they do all throughout their games. As a result their asses and bellies have reduced to muscular hunks of flesh, all the fat being run off.

But maybe you’ve got stubborn genes, and even the Intervals aren’t working for you.

Then we’ve got to add in Step 3.

Step 3: Weight lifting

Not just any weight lifting exercises though. The big muscle lifts which include your whole body: Squats and deadlifts. Throw out the bicep curl, tricep extension, shoulder press. They’re garbage for weight loss. Focus on the lifts that require your whole body to commit.

Now you’re doing all three: The first measure is daily, the second measure is twice a week, and the third measure is once a week.

Good luck!

Let’s all work together to make this a more healthy nation. A national health care single payer system is coming, and no one wants to be carried on the backs of the pay-ins by the healthy people, do they?

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

Evolving towards unhappiness?

My days felt sluggish. Have you ever felt like your body was walking through mud?  This is how I felt.  Work was not challenging me, and it had been three weeks since I had been to the gym. I wanted to get back, but only out of habit.  Then, in the middle of my workout, after I’d pushed past the point when my mind had told me to stop, I was overwhelmed, but not from any physical pain.  I realized how much I needed a consistent challenge in my life, and I wondered: Do most people get challenged in their daily lives?

Challenges bring us happiness

I looked in the gym mirror, breathing deeply. I saw past my face and looked into my eyes, and everything fell away. I didn’t worry about what I needed to do later, or what I should be doing next week. Their time would come, but right now, I knew I was ready, and whatever happened, it would be ok.  I took the barbell onto my back smoothly, and balanced it there, feet planted firmly on the ground, and I gazed forward undistracted, but then I thought: Why don’t I feel like this all the time?

Work gives value to our life

Today we have evolved to get things done faster and with less work.  Or we’ve evolved to a point we don’t need to do them at all. In the past, the time we spent resulted in a barn, a pair of pants, or a tasty meal. With exercise, there is nothing tangible.   All we gain is the feeling that we’ve challenged our whole being, our heart, mind, every living part of us. It is a happiness that lasts all day, and can integrate into our whole life.

I think this is something we can all afford to spend time doing.