Babies stay crawling

The obstacle is the way.
The way to getting better.

If a baby doesn’t risk falling, he doesn’t learn to walk.

If you don’t make mistakes during school, you don’t learn and get better.

Same thing during adulthood, but you’ve got to choose to school yourself
Instead of only identifying obstacles
I must also face them.

Evolution occurs through mistakes,
with genes, on a population level.
But it also occurs on the individual level.

My fears are fears because they are parts of my life I have difficulty with.

But every fear that I’ve addressed, from leaving school, to talking with strangers, to expressing myself to females-
they’ve all resulted in a better life.
I learned
That failures make me stronger.

More resilient.

If your baby doesn’t risk falling, it stays crawling. Which can be good enough, I guess.

But what kind of life is crawling around while there’s so much more to experience
If you try?

Dragons became princesses.
And my dungeons became sunlit courtyards.



Do I have the courage to go against fear and deception and those who want to control me?

Do I know that there’s difference between someone taking something from me vs not giving me something? The first is an evil..the second is an inconvenience.

Do I have the mind to know what’s important and right…? and to fight for that, without anger or menace, regardless of the consequence?

We’ve got the best empathy.

The thing I didn’t realize about empathy is how it enables me to become better.

I didn’t realize it until I had enough confidence to step out from the house of fear I’d built around me.

Empathy gives the strength to absorb other people’s stories and opinions …to simply listen. And then realize they are in need, just like you.

A need to do something significant that people care about.

Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight ’til they’re burger.

“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital.

Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed.

Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”

If we’re worried first about capital instead of labor, then we’re doing it the hard way.

And if owners treat labor less than their value, then they will get just enough loyalty from labor to last till the next paycheck.

What’s the best way to address managers who don’t see your value?

Find someone one does.
Or, reassess your value.

The Pub Crawl


We were doing a pub crawl in New York, an A-Z pub crawl. I run into Bill Murray at a place in the Village, and I said, “Billy, we’re going to go on a pub crawl and do you want to go with us?”
He said, “sure.” So we’re walking down the street, there’s Antique Boutique, and he goes, “Hold on.” He runs in and comes out with an orange tie.
I said, “What’s that for?”
He says, “Didn’t you say on SportsCenter that the hardest thing about being the coach of Tennessee is trying to find those god-awful ties?” He said, “Put this on!”
I put it on, we went on the A-to-Z pub crawl, we for to letter L…and there’s a street sweeper; the machine is on. And Bill goes, “What are you thinking?”
I go, “I don’t know. Am I thinking what you’re thinking?”
He said, “Let’s steal this thing.”
I wasn’t thinking that. I wasn’t. I was thinking, let’s go to the next bar. I didn’t even know the thing was running, and Billy goes, “Let’s get in it.” So he starts to climb up in the street cleaner.
And this guy runs out and he’s like,” What are doing? I’ll lose my job!”
And he’s sees it’s Bill and I think Bill said, “Don’t worry.” He said, “Can I just take it down the street a little bit?”


So we just inched along like a tank down the street.

I tried to control because I was fearful

Souls love

Some of you will think this is nonsense.
Others will accept this as true.

Regardless, everyone has experienced a part of this, if only in short bursts.

Imagine living your life based not on your fears, but on your connection to everything else. That’s when you become strong, because you realize no one is an enemy. And so you stop trying to control, and instead, you start listening.

You start helping, instead of hiding, hiding under labels, and in groups that oppose that other group. Instead of living on dogmatic rules of what must be, you live by principles.

You become honest to what we are: One big group, that needs each other.

Tyranny comes from within

As soon I see another person as being in opposition to me, as being on the “other side”, I have lost. Because I’ve reduced a real-life problem into a 2-dimensional mockery, a binary choice, disrespectful of debate which would lead to the best outcome.

The powers that be love keeping us choosing between right and left, but don’t blame them. It’s what we do: We reduce issues to for or against. And in doing so, we welcome the tyranny
and impede progress

The noisy fringe started to feel comfortable

Drifting into echo chambers on the internet is easy.

Your voice becoming part of the cacophony of a particular cave ideology.

Media bias and group-think dominates the internet.

Drama and excitement about the latest racist/sexist/white supremacist/immigrant/Islamic terrorist is attractive….It feeds the lizard brain of fear.

But not everything that’s out there needs to be a catastrophe in your personal life. In fact, few things out there on the fringe have much to do with you at all.

Finding perspective is important, because at the end of the day, your voice and your true self is needed.

Your community is made up of people like you, with everyone contributing something. Not what spews from the internet.

You didn’t build that

Part 2 of Shoons.

“Sena-tor,” the newcomer spoke in a growl, his snout twitched involuntarily. The man acknowledged him and he offered the scroll to one of the guards. The two locked eyes as the scroll was passed along to the man. “Attendance.” the man said, and unrolled the paper. His face was expressionless as he read. After a minute, his brow furrowed slightly. “We have a missing member,” he said.

Blank stares looked around, searching for the person who wasn’t there. And then, as if on que, the crowd moved, opening to allow the latecomer. He was tall and lanky, walking quickly, leaning forward, head down, face up. He made his way to the front, where he was met by a couple of men. “I am sorry,” he said, “I was working and the time sped so quickly-“

“Your work,” one of the men said. “Not Estate work.”

“We have a time segment for our personal needs,” the other said.

Senator cleared his throat. “It is tempting to stray, to follow the heart’s passion, to go outside of the program. Yet-“

“But I think I have found a 3% efficiency improvement to our distribution process-“

Senator’s eyes brightened. “Well, then…that is certainly good news. You will share this with the others during Collaboration so we can decide how to proceed with it.”

The man attempted to say something in reply, but was motioned back from the podium into the crowd. “If I could continue my work for a short segment,” he protested, and murmuring began in the crowd. “I have made-“

At this the Senator’s face grew cross. “You didn’t make anything,” he snapped. “It is the program: We work together, and we move forward together.”

He paused and seemed to relax, then continued, “Your work is meaningless in comparison to the bulk of progress from Academia. Furthermore, your tests are unsanctioned and unguided, until reviewed.” He smiled now, and looked across the crowd:

“It is the program that moves us forward. It drags us along, regardless of what we believe as our personal truth. It gives us the ultimate truth. And those who do not accept it will not only be denied the truths, but will face justice for failing in their responsibility to the Estate.”


He said he supports the Wall.

Translated: He’s a bigot.
I stop listening.

She said she supports the Women’s march.
Translated: She’s a bigot.
I stop listening.

We are labeling-ready, but listening-poor.

The irony in all this: Applying a generalized label to someone based on one data-point, from people who claim to support science.

Another irony is criticizing “bigots” and avoiding conversation with those you disagree with, and thinking you’re not showing bigoted intolerance, too.

How does this happen? Because I’m so sure of myself that my philosophy becomes my ideology, which becomes my morality. And why argue with those who are immoral?

Stay humble. Maybe more importantly, stay CURIOUS. Then the humble part takes care of itself.

I haven’t heard it all. I don’t know it all.
And neither have you.