Bendable rules

Progress is a winding path
Involving many steps
for the individual
And for society.
But it follows principles.

Anyone who claims to know the right principles for you
Is deluding himself…and you.

This is why America works
And why so many immigrate here
Legally and millions illegally.

The American principle is simple:
It allows you to have your own principles
But only if your principles don’t steal from others.

But we are losing the way
As our federal leaders bloat the system
With the Department of This
And the Agency of That.
Pushing us into monumental debt.

Hard to blame a government with a printing press of money.
They offer sweet deals
To both corporations and the public
Which keeps politicians in office.

Our progress has left the path
The path of American principles.
The principles of the Constitution
These rules have become bendable and loosely applied.

And it needs to stop.

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