He warned me long ago, before my addiction.

things that dont matter

And so did Seth.  Men of science and analytics, who cared about me.  But I was helpless in the end, and became addicted.

Barry warned me long ago. But I didn’t listen.  Especially for those of us who are curious.

I became addicted to choices.  They threaten me every day.  They prevent me from making decisions.  And I wasted my life.  For a time.

What should I be, what should I do, what should I make?

Should I make beer or wine, what kind?.. or should I go on a hike? or rock climb? Or maybe I should bike? Or should I read? Which book?…I have stacks waiting for me.  So many podcasts…Should I listen to Joe Rogan, or Dave Rubin, or Aubrey Marcus, or Gary Vaynerchuk, or Brian Koppelman, or Tim Ferriss, or Tom Woods, or Adam Corolla, or Rhonda Patrick, or Dan Carlin, or Race Wars, or Duncan Trussell….?

Should I shop at rei or target? Or the thrift store. Amazon or WalMart?  I should write. How much? How long?  I should meet my friends though. Which place?.. so many options. I should meet with those potential clients, and get that marketing started. But which person should I focus on?  Need a new car, need to do my research, so much data to review, I’ll go online, then locally, visit, test drive, compare/contrast….

I’ve succeeded in so many choices. But not so many decisions.

Choices versus decisions.

Sweat the choices, the small things, that don’t impact your existence and meaning, and there’s no time for anything else. The decision-making times- what job, where to work, whether to quit – they get delayed, sometimes indefinitely.  Not a good time, I’ve got these choices I need to make. Or think I do.

And then it becomes too late, because now there’s stuff that must be paid for: car, or house, or vacation, or kids. I’ve got to be responsible. I’ve got to pay those bills.  And small compromises that were for only for the weekend or the summer, or “just until next year”, become life compromises.

And that’s the worst feeling in the world.


But the next worst is Sad Acceptance.

Neither feeling dominates my life any more.  Because I told myself, whatever you do, make it your priority.  And ensure it’s my priority, not one pushed onto me by others.

Then put everything into it.  Be the best you can be at it, and then try to be better. Go beyond it. And if that job, role, task, that friend, that relationship, that place doesn’t serve you anymore, find out why.  And if you gotta move on, then move on, because there’e too much out there to dwell in a place that you cannot appreciate, especially if it doesn’t appreciate you.

And this has made life more difficult for me. But also joyous.  And real, and… well, life-like.

Succeed at making more decisions, not more choices.




Trolls with active diarrhea are prohibited

The biggest losers of 2017?

Evidence-based thought.

Well, all thought, really.

The biggest winners of 2017?

Free speech and independent news sources.

Thank you, internet, for keeping hope alive between the oppression Olympics alarmists and the adult-fiction salesman twitter king.

I was an exhausted hater

Artwork by @revelatori

This is why all the angry haters who want to exert their morality will ultimately lose. So loud with righteous indignation, that even if they wanted to listen, they couldn’t hear.

In the meantime, the thoughtful majority sit patient, open-hearted, tolerant, unbiased, fact-focused. They have nothing to lose, because they have no agenda, no need to control.

The heart exerts so little to be, it absorbs without end, while hate constantly burns…an exhausting state, and sooner or later, is overwhelmed by love.

I know this, because I was a hater, wasting my energy, until I became “woke”.

It was then I realized my energies had better uses than pointing out obstacles.

That’s when I switched from “You can’t” to “Yes, you can.”



Obama’s well-intentioned drones

Discriminating against some to fight discrimination against others is like using violence against civilians to fight against terrorism.

It’s not effective and causes more trouble than good


Leading means diplomacy, not bragging.

It means fostering inclusivity, not exclusivity.

Leading means empowering individuals, not accusing groups.

It means maintaining peace, and discouraging violence.

Leadership means being a representative, not a celebrity.

Leadership, at the highest levels, is being a thought leader.


I lie, but never get away with it.

face off


When you get what you want in your struggle for self,

And the world makes you King for a day,

Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,

And see what that guy has to say.


For it isn’t your Father, or Mother, or Wife,

Who judgement upon you must pass.

The feller whose verdict counts most in your life

Is the guy staring back from the glass.


He’s the feller to please, never mind all the rest,

For he’s with you clear up to the end,

And you’ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test

If the guy in the glass is your friend.


You may be like Jack Horner and “chisel” a plum,

And think you’re a wonderful guy,

But the man in the glass says you’re only a bum

If you can’t look him straight in the eye.


You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,

And get pats on the back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartaches and tears

If you’ve cheated the guy in the glass.


The Guy in the Glass, Poem by Dale Wimbrow



Hope springs eternal

Curved vessel

Hope stirs, I spy a curved vessel,
Do I try, have I the mettle?
I open and spend time to taste,
But find the same, more or less.
Heavy sweetness on my tongue,
Missing texture, missing love.
Without words, I show my need,
Another taste, and then I’ll leave.
Mature child in adult story.
Flush, in slow-moving glory.
Bottom up,
head back, release.
Still unhappy,
without peace.


“Suck me dry,” I said.

phone sucks you

She was my 2-D lover

On my 2-D screen.

Head bobbing, online babbling, relationship dabbling.

Videos shared, and jokes, chats snapped,
cute cat pics, podcasts, drama packaged by pundits.

trolling, hysterical media pumping poison

work email after email dumping data

meeting after meeting, talk after talk

managed gym time, 3 sets per exercise, scheduled segments of productivity

purchasing convenience with one click

neatly done but still too many tasks

and no strength to apply the brakes, to look in the mirror,

because of the Abundance of Access.

Which we were never meant to have.


“Cut her loose,” he said.

Big boy season

“Ok, I know this is grade school, but I’m having an issue texting this beauty,” I said.

He shook his head, “Texting is so small.”

I was hoping he wouldn’t have sounded so dismissive.

“I deal with bigger issues,” he said. “Not how to text.”

“Ok,” I said patiently. I needed his advice. He was the wisest guy I knew. A true lover of women. Total understanding of them. Not one bit of resentment. No fear. Only awe and appreciation and honesty.

“It’s just, I know that I can help her, but she’s defensive,” I started to explain.

“Help her how?” he asked with curiosity.

“She’s…” I searched for the word, “…scared. She grew up rough. I think I can get her out of her shell.”

“You can’t change anyone,” he said easily. “Not really.”

He paused, “But if you’re going to try, then you’re going to have to be her therapist. And you can’t sleep with your patients, you know that.”

“I know I need to keep a physical distance,” I said. “I can’t continue chasing her for one nighters.”

He stared at me patiently, in his quiet, focused way. I continued:

“I see so much potential in her. She’s talented, creative, artistic, concerned about animals and the environment…But she parties…hard. ….smokes up throughout the day. And she’s so defensive of her vices. But she’s honest about them, so…”

When I trailed off, he had a small smile. Not condescending, but understanding of my struggle.

“Cut her loose,” he said gently.

I knew he was right

When something, or someone, becomes too much work, I’ve got to move on.

When I start debating how to text someone.
Or worrying how to get simple tasks done in a difficult work environment.
Or deciding how to act to accommodate another person, instead of simply being yourself and doing your own thing.

Then these things have become too restrictive. And a burden.

And it’s time to cut it loose.


during that night I healed myself


If you don’t like the process,
you’re definitely not going to like the ending.

Learn to like the process.
Learn to love the process.
It’s all that you’ve got.
Start with gratitude. Everything stems from there.
Every night, I sit still, and doing nothing else, I recount three things I am grateful for from the day.
During the night, in my subconscious, these feelings percolate and heal my mind.
The next day, I am bombarded by the negativity and drama of humanity.  But that night, again, I remember all the good things.
And so it goes, until the negative noise slowly diminishes, and so too, does the importance of those people and places who shout them.  And my need to engage them fades. And then, slowly, my self, and my truths, are uncovered.