Camp too long, and your shit stops smelling

bonnaroo camp

Leaving our bonnaroo camp… and I am sad. I could live here, in this surreal world of music and community of strangers who are suddenly friends. I’ve fallen in love for this place.

Our neighbors and I had had the conversation earlier:  What kind of society would develop here, if we all just stayed?  What we produce to live?…what would different people choose to provide, to trade with others,  something that others would want, something that is uniquely you.

That’s how you win….by how special, how different, how YOU, you are.  Waiting on others is not an option.

If you want to make a difference, you’ve got to be different.

So be different…by being yourself.  Evolve as things evolve.  Don’t camp.  Because camps stay the same.  There is no growth in a camp, no change, no search for new things, new people, or new interaction.

But we like staying in our camp.  It’s comfortable, being with our side, our party, the left camp, the right camp, the Trump camp. Whatever.

I regretted leaving my temporary home on that farmland. But it wasn’t my home. It was one kind of place. And the world has many different kinds of places.  The festival life was an outing that was just one station on my journey.

Our mistake is that we make a mental home, of values and beliefs, and then we set up a defensive perimeter of our camp to protect our identity, an identity which somehow becomes nested in our temporary beliefs.

But if we’re constantly evolving, we don’t make a home in anything.

Because, like the crab growing out of its shell, or the snake from its skin…we grow into something bigger and better as we learn and experience things. We find a new home as we push out from our current confines and organization.  And as a result, we live more meaningful lives.

Stay in your camp too long, and your shit stops smelling…but only to you.

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