A scarcity mindset creates scarcity in life

Humanity fails. At the same time, it succeeds. This pattern is sequential and coinciding.

We allow suffering when it is within our power to alleviate it. And we also help, when we have no reason to help, other than to feel good about ourselves. This is the reality of being human.
And as a human, I can fail myself. I can choose to make bad decisions, and then have no money to feed my children, or money to pay for housing. There is enough blame to go around. However, the most influential person in my life is me.
Not my boss.
Not my partner.
Not the President.
Not immigrants.
Not the 1%.

And when I see suffering around me, the first thing to do is to see if I can help, not who I can blame for not helping.  When I see a need, the first thing I do is figure out how I can help, not blaming others for not sharing.

A scarcity mindset creates scarcity in life, even when you’re surrounded by abundance, because perspective can make opportunities unrecognizable.
Change your perspective,
change the world.

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