I bought it with blood


(1 min 40 seconds to read)

I drove through town and watched the people outside, in the park, on the trails, on the walkways. It was a beautiful day and I was going to get out in it. I just needed to mail some things, pick up some things, and I’d get out there and enjoy the day.

I returned home and saw that the kitchen was in a bad state, so I quickly cleaned it up. And then prepared a little something for dinner that night. A couple of hours slipped by and I saw the sun was low in the sky and the shadows were long across the ground. The day was gone and I hadn’t gotten outside to enjoy it. I thought, I can do it tomorrow or whenever the next sunny day came by.

I thought my time was plentiful. But our time is far from plentiful. It’s actually the opposite. It’s non-renewable.

Every moment, we make a purchase. We are purchasing where we go, what we do, who we allow in our lives.

Every Moment is your choice.

And after we have that Moment, it slips by, gone forever. Replaced by another one. But every moment is one you own temporarily. All these moments were purchased without my knowledge when I was born into this reality, and they have been constantly leaking out of a giant bucket since then. Draining slowly, because that’s how human life work. It leaks blood red. The blood of life. But it’s forgotten because I can’t see it, or even feel it. And I have so much of it.

Until one day I don’t.

I thought that somehow, my life was different. I thought that everything I want to do could be done whenever I want. I thought my bucket of life was too full to care about choosing every moment. I have so many of them, right?

What a dangerous mindset for anyone to have.

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

Please feel free to pass this along if you think others would enjoy it.

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