Don’t let the noise become your default


(1 min 10 seconds to read)

There is a lot that we draw on our clear blue canvas, with our thoughts, and feelings, and emotions. We fill it up with haze, and noisy storms. But the clear, stable calm is always above it.

Purge the thunder of chatter and suddenly a road opens up,  a tunnel that goes straight up, free and clear, and forever. The smashing sounds evaporate, as if they were never there. There is no more judgmental and prideful wanting and worrying. And suddenly, I am quiet. And it is as it ever was.

The disruptive clouds need no effort to be cleared.  In fact, the effort has been in creating all of that chatter: The noise has become the default. A false default. So we think the noise needs quieted by an effort of greater noise.

When you realize that the whole show is your production, then you will be free, and your sky clear.

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

Please feel free to pass this along if you think others would enjoy it.

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