Are you waiting for others to reduce your pollution?


Despite the disagreement about human-influenced climate change, we should accept that we are polluting our environment to some extent. So instead of waiting on others to do something about it, what we can do? We the people? We are the consumers for whom industry pollutes, after all.

Would you move closer to work to drive less? Buy fewer things to reduce manufacturing and trucking pollution? Reduce or eliminate eating cows, pigs, and other livestock to lower their fart pollution? Grow some of your food? Buy a more fuel efficient car?

How about in your career? Would you go work for Solar City? How about do some research and start your OWN Solar City?!

Imagine the collective impact we would have if each of us made one major lifestyle change to reduce our carbon footprint.

I’m all for healthy debate, and taking an impassioned stand (after getting informed), but at the end of the day, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What did I do about it?”

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