The hysterical left, the heartless right, and the quiet, mindful middle


Both science and religion are led by humans, humans who are imperfect.  Although science is based on evidence-based analysis, and religion on non-testable doctrine, they are both swayed by the culture of the time period they are in. Religion was leading us more in the past, while today we lean on science and technology…wait, where’s my mobile? …Ahhh. There you are, my Precious.

The point being, when scientists discount the research results which do go against their beliefs, and keep the results which don’t, they are not being scientific anymore. Let me explain.

The basic method of science in order to prove a conclusion is to repeatedly test the result made by other scientists to try to replicate it. Over time, if the same result is repeatedly reached, and no different results come up to disprove it, then the conclusion is viewed to be proven. Albeit, temporarily proven, because as soon as any experiment gets a result different from the accepted conclusion, then the conclusion is thrown into question, and is no longer proven.

There is no science in saying, “Not all experiments have shown there is an association between the things we studied, but most of the experiments have, so we conclude that there is an association.”

This is not a scientific claim. When making such claims, these scientists have removed their white lab coats and have stepped outside of science and into the general population.

Science is not like faith: Faith cannot be disproven. Scientific conclusions can be disproven, and, in fact, that is what science is FOUNDED UPON.

Science should not be muddled with faith. And scientists should not be asked to make non-scientific conclusions, and if they do, it is our responsibility as the most informed public in the history of humanity, to recognize them as such.

Whatever the issue, if it is truly important to you, something that you are passionate about, and you want to take a strong stand on, then be curious, take the time, and discover the “why” to what you believe. The irony today is that those who may see themselves as science-minded are supporting non-scientific claims, simply because they came from scientists.

However well-intentioned the claim, it should not be accepted as science simply because it’s “the right thing to do.” It is not the place of science to make that judgment.

The authority figures in science and religion cannot be assumed to know the truth, especially when they make claims outside of the scientific method, when they bring their own bias in the data or doctrines they choose to follow to reach the conclusions they want to reach. BUT…

They will help you in your journey to the truth you seek. And It’s up to you to think for yourself to reach that truth.

Do not let the noise from the fringes sway you. Stay mindful.

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