The most effective muscle building exercise for the arm


The biceps curl is overdone and over-hyped. I do them, as part of a total body workout, but there’s a more effective arm-buster.

Now, I don’t support hitting arms before you’ve done the Exercise Triumvirate: Lunges, Squats, and Deadlifts (LSD). It’s great to see more and more people joining the Triumvirate as we get smarter about what exercises work for total fitness, and which don’t.

But, as for getting gorilla arms, the best exercise is the triceps extension, seated or lying down.

Why? Because the triceps are the biggest muscle group in the arm, they take up the most space. So if you do some high weight sets mixed with low weight sets, after a few weeks, you are sure to look like you can lead all the women folk to safety.

As for developing the mind of a leader… that is a different regiment altogether.

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