You can’t change yourself.


“You can’t blame anyone else for the kind of world you’re in.”

Spiritual enlightenment is the top of the pyramid of progressing consciousness. To help yourself, or when trying to help others, get all the tangibles you can, but if your spirit is damaged, the tangibles don’t help much. Whether it’s for you or for others.


Instead, the only thing to do is to realize that you (and others) don’t need to change the self. Because you can’t. Everyone has the capacity to be healthy and happy. We only need to realize that most problems we have are fundamentally in our spirit.

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Will this offensive cartoon determine how you vote?

Is this an offensive cartoon?

Thinking this way about Democrats is just as wrong as thinking that Republicans are selfish, judgmental moralists.

There are plenty of those people in both Parties.

This is funny because it is a cartoon, but it’s a lot less funny because it’s dividing us based on ideology…an ideology that I don’t see being put into practice by either party. Meanwhile, bigger issues are neglected as both parties are supporting deficit spending, market manipulation (see the last one’s disastrous result in 2008), and protecting us from unseen enemy by waging perpetual war and taking our right to trial (NDAA 2012)

What do you think is important in this year’s election?

Are you voting based on ideology or action?