Being versus thinking

Thinking of the past, in regret. 

Thinking of the future, in worry.

But being in the moment

There are no problems.

Being you is not a problem.

Because you are undefined.

You’re not your job, clothes, or appearance 

There is nothing else to do, if you’re being.

Everything is there for you

But it’s nowhere you need to go, because it’s not a there.

It’s here. Inside.

Always was.

Instantaneous mind-flip,

From being inside your head,

To simply being

Honestly connected to your surroundings, without boundaries

Because there are no boundaries,

Unless you choose to create them.

And those who define you, judge you

Do they really matter

If you know your self?

Everyone’s opinions, and reactions, and feelings

They are relentless, a force of nature, unstoppable

They surround you,

But they’re mostly meaningless

When you are focused on being.

What they want or need

Isn’t your concern

If you are enough

And you are.

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