Take her down from her pedestal


This is a message to the men out there.

Do you think women are equal to men?

Do you think women are to be respected?

The answer to the first question is No, because the answer to the second is Yes.

Many men have the endless song beating in their hearts…the song of attraction.  The song of attraction that is their major distraction. The attraction to females: It is the problem of men.  Until the day they embrace it.

The most fulfilling day in a man’s life, the day he awakens and comes to maturity, is when he accepts himself and his helpless attraction.  When he accepts that loving women is nothing to be ashamed of.   This realization is shocking, and liberating.  But it’s not enough.

The second step is taking her down from the pedestal.  When we put the female on a pedestal, we are making her a separate being:  We are putting a distance between us.  Why treat them in such a way?

Because they are not equal to us.

This we must acknowledge:  We must see the magic in females. Their ability to create life is something profound and precious and, well… magical.  A magic of biology that men cannot equal.  We plant the seed, yes.  And we support, and we protect.

While females create life.

But placing her on a pedestal segregates us.  It prevents us from honest communication and understanding each other…understanding the feelings which underpin her life.  But most of all, the separation prevents us from truly supporting them as a human being.  Instead, we make them into an object in a showcase.

So bring her down from the pedestal. Have her join you, stand by her side.

It’s you and her against the world.

And we need each other.

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