Love is the underdog


They say love is stronger than fear.

But that’s not true.

Look at media and you can tell right away what is stronger: 

Messages that tell you that you are in need, and all the ways things are not good enough, rather than messages of acceptance and gratitude.  They feed us a diet of danger and conflict, rather than love and unity.  The reason is apparent: Because we are constantly needy and sensitive to fear.

That is why we should always be wary of letting fear take us over.

We can control fear.

IF we are vigilant against it. 

IF we gain the confidence to love. 

Love is risky.  You might get hurt when you practice the openness of love.  You might get hurt when you take that path through the rose bushes.

Yes, love is the underdog.  But if you decide to play the game, if you decide to face down your fears,

love will prevail.

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