where their anger begins, their respect for you ends

The righteous don’t need to respect you.

Narcissists don’t need to respect you.

But they should.

Why?  Because no one is all the time right.

But being disrespected is allowed in some instances.  Like when children disrespect you. Because they’re children, you let it go.  They haven’t formed a stable sense of self, a confidence in themselves.  So they don’t listen so much, and they go by their heart and their feelings.  They stomp their feet, they scream and shout.

But we let children be.  Because they are children, and they will mature.

As for the adults?

There’s nothing you can do for them.  Their cake is baked.  Their personalities formed. Their triggers set.

Best to let them be.  And hope they don’t damage your community, or your country, too much, so that we can fix it later.


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