When criticism is my only work


“Every system is improved when it’s in sync, and the narcissism of small differences is a seduction that keeps us from focusing on creating real value by doing important work.

Realizing that things can get better (they can always get better) opens the door for productive conversations, conversations that aren’t based on prior decisions about what team someone is on, and instead, on putting our shoulder to the work, taking responsibility and actually making things better. We can fight injustice without becoming pawns in a boxing promoter’s game.” 

Let’s get in sync and not allow the politics of division to control us by tempting our narcissism of being better than the others.

Immigrants and China aren’t going to compromise America. But we should have standards about monitoring who is allowed into this country or how other nations treat us in trade relations. 

White patriarchy isn’t responsible for keeping others down. But the white patriarchy could be more helpful to  those who need help. And more importantly, to those who want help. 

Forget your “team”. Left, right, Democrat, Republican. 

There is no us and them. Thinking this way divides America. And destroys our communities. We each have a responsibility to be the best we can be. For each other. And most importantly for yourself.

When criticism is my only work, then I’m doing it wrong.

Where is the work that shows my real value?

What am I actually doing?

What are you doing? 


Quote credit: Seth Godin

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