We’re escorts, she said.

I smiled at them, “I was over there and I saw you over here…and I thought to come over and say hi.”

They were two attractive women sitting together at the end of the bar. One a shorter, one taller.
They said hi.
“So what are you doing here?” I asked.
“We’re waiting on our clients.” the blonde said.
“We’re escorts,” she said.
I was intrigued. But not interested.
I have little attraction to people whose intent is not genuinely on me, but on my stuff.
I care what other people are feeling, what they think, and I especially love human connection. If there’s something building between us, I want the other’s intent to be on me. Not on my money. Or what I own. Or what I’m wearing. Those values are an immediate turnoff for me.
Intent is really important.

For instance, I looked down at the end of the bar, and there was a guy drinking. And honestly I don’t know whether it was his intent or not, but he looked like he was drinking himself to liberation.

He looked like many, who use alcohol to self-medicate from a dissatisfaction with reality. Not the intent of alcohol, which is entertainment. Hopefully, he didn’t hurt anyone that night…a spouse, a friend, or a stranger… because of this abuse.

Females are abused on the regular by guys who get drunk. My ex was one of those victims, abused by her boyfriend. Not common, but more common than we’d like.

We do have laws to address the consequences of such actions. There’s a price for assault. And laws to try to prevent alcohol purchases before a certain mature age.

Do restrictions need to be stronger? To protect him from himself, and others. A big sin tax or a limiting the supply or making it illegal, like other drugs?

Realize, too, when we make laws assuming the intent of individuals, we hurt the others who have no such intentions.

Because how do we determine what someone intends to do?

Assuming something for the sake of safety is a rough road.

It’s not meant for speeding to a perceived solution.

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