Do you smell the rot?

Less envy

How much of what I do is dependent on what others are doing?

How much of my day is in reaction?

Too much reaction and I’ve given up my self-determination to my environment. I’ve become a dead leaf floating on the river, a plastic bag swirling in the wind.
But we’re not objects. We’re human. We’re independent agents, with wants, and ambitions, and love.

Immigrants aren’t taking your jobs. The idea that they are YOUR jobs is a funny thing to think, anyway.  And kind of entitled.

And white people, or the corporation, isn’t making you a slave. They’re not taking away your abilities. You are.

There are obstacles out there, and there are paths and open pastures. When all you see are problems, you’ll end up stuck behind every obstacle, cursing the world for its cruelty.
But the world doesn’t care.
Who does care?
The people to whom you provide value.
Because our country has become a meritocracy. Of course, it helps to be rich to get to where you want, but at the end of the day,
If you provide value, you get promoted.
If in doubt, please reference all the immigrants who c0me to this country poor, and now make up the highest earning demographic in the US. And, incredibly, they include brown people. (Which reminds me: I have a great curry recipe to share in another post.)
Bottom line:
You have a huge chance in life, being alive today, in the most empowering time for the individual. The gatekeepers are gone. Corporations still control the government, yes, but you still control you.
If I choose to see only the rotting fruit on the tree of life, instead of the bounty of the whole tree, then I’m never going to truly live.

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