He said he supports the Wall.

Translated: He’s a bigot.
I stop listening.

She said she supports the Women’s march.
Translated: She’s a bigot.
I stop listening.

We are labeling-ready, but listening-poor.

The irony in all this: Applying a generalized label to someone based on one data-point, from people who claim to support science.

Another irony is criticizing “bigots” and avoiding conversation with those you disagree with, and thinking you’re not showing bigoted intolerance, too.

How does this happen? Because I’m so sure of myself that my philosophy becomes my ideology, which becomes my morality. And why argue with those who are immoral?

Stay humble. Maybe more importantly, stay CURIOUS. Then the humble part takes care of itself.

I haven’t heard it all. I don’t know it all.
And neither have you.

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