during that night I healed myself


If you don’t like the process,
you’re definitely not going to like the ending.

Learn to like the process.
Learn to love the process.
It’s all that you’ve got.
Start with gratitude. Everything stems from there.
Every night, I sit still, and doing nothing else, I recount three things I am grateful for from the day.
During the night, in my subconscious, these feelings percolate and heal my mind.
The next day, I am bombarded by the negativity and drama of humanity.  But that night, again, I remember all the good things.
And so it goes, until the negative noise slowly diminishes, and so too, does the importance of those people and places who shout them.  And my need to engage them fades. And then, slowly, my self, and my truths, are uncovered.

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