“Mom, I’ve got to GO,” I said.

AntiFa Snowflake

It had already taken me a considerable time finding the anarchy print that looked just right, and the belt chain! All those cheap ones were too shiny, I needed the dull color, indicating the realism of the street, of life.

When you begin to enjoy the anger and angst and fight, then you’ve left the true path.

The point of maturity for me was when I realized I didn’t need to fight anyone, I didn’t need to compare, I didn’t need to justify myself or defend myself.  They could be them and I could be me, and that was ok, because in the end we were all the same.

The point of maturity for me was when I stopped thinking about what would this person do, or that person wear, or how I should fit in to some ideology, and instead, what should I do?

For myself.

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