I knew I was talking to a fascist


Fascism….Some group trying to control others using rules based on their authority.

It can come from the Left. It can come from the Right.

It can come from any religion..except maybe Buddhism, or Taoism…

It can come from those who are angry and shouting, or smiling and quiet.

But it always comes from those who want to take action against you, or prevent your personal action. It always comes from someone who is well-intentioned, and wants to help.

It always comes from a sense of great pride that they know what’s better for you and everyone else.

Keep your head on a swivel for these selfish hypocrites.

Because these Authorities of Virtue can wear whatever color uniform.

They can hold whatever flag. They don whichever religious garb. What determines their value is whether they want to empower you… or take power from you.

Instead, have your own code.  And always stand up for it.

But don’t push it too far, because there might come a day when you’ll look down and notice you’re wearing a uniform.

And maybe you’re holding a flag. You might even be shouting down others with your group’s chant. Because you’ve gone so far and become so convinced. And now you don’t believe they have a right to their point of view to even speak it.  Or others to hear it.

And that’s when you might realize that you’ve become a fascist, too.

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